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Why choose ToClose2me

Why choose us to share your event?

Do you have an event to share us? Toclose2me puts at your disposal an interface that allows you to easily and quickly add your event.

Event categories

Toclose2me provides different categories of events so that you can easily target users. Thus a & nbsp; participant will have the opportunity to refine his research and save time in his decisions on these selection of events. The different categories of events are at your disposal are as follows:

Critical information about your event

To increase your visibility, you must indicate maximum information about your event. A title, a description, dates and an address his the minimum required to put your event online.. You will have the opportunity to add a contact that can answer users' questions. You will be able to refer your website and as well as a link for your ticket purchase online if necessary.

The calendar

You will be able to add more information other than your description, on the progress of your event, and a calendar that will allow you to detail the course of your event..


The photos are major elements that will embellish the display of your event. Without this, it will be sober and so it will limit users to visualize it..

Share my Event

Do you want to share an event? This is where it happens!

Do you want to share your event without wasting time?

Toclose2me Puts at your disposal the interface you need to promote your event. Without wasting time, you have the opportunity to create your own event that you can come to complete at any time and throughout the process.

I want to promote a particular event, how does it happen?

Whether you are self-employed, restaurateur, musician or event promoter, you can choose a category that will get closer to your event. And you will be able to add and customize a description that will give a little more detail about the event. Through the calendar, it is quite possible to detail the major major steps of the event. Do not forget to add a website, a Facebook, a Twitter to promote you.

But where should I go to create my event?

Pssst, it's here that it happens: