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On which social platform should I be present?

Toclose2me is a platform referencing all the events of your city, your department and region. Unlike all existing social networks, you will have the opportunity to detail and personalize your ad so as to you as much as possible from the others.

How should I call my event?

The name chooses should be relevant because the algorithms are made in ways that users access the ads as intuitively as possible. You will be limited to 60 characters, which leaves you free for your thoughts

Is it possible to modify my event?

You can all over your event, change the main fields such as description, title, address, photos, agenda etc .... You will be limited on the start and end dates, so be right!

Can I talk about it?

You have the opportunity to share links to all interested parties to increase your chances of visibility. On our side, we take care of the rest.

It's left, I want to create my event

Gently !!! But surely. If you are not registered, that's the moment!