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Exhibitions Arts Cultures-Benoît Billotte / Essenza / Galerie Odile, Vevey
Exhibitions Arts Cultures-© Benoît Billotte

Surveyor, Benoît Billotte1983) has been carrying out a practice for over ten years around the territory. Lately, He focused on the link that flora has with a site and the stories it can convey on this subject. These narrations both scientific, historical and vernacular also testify to the interconnection between the human species and its living space.
After an initiation to natural dyes in Mexico, He was able to lead a residence at the Geneva Conservatory and Botanical Garden which he coupled with training in printing techniques at the Geneva workshop of contemporary engraving. From, It develops a paper and textile printing work around plants by operating their representations as well, their uses or even their physical characteristics (fiber and tinctorial power).

Essenza is an inventory of this artistic research carried out for almost three years. Traveling plants can be observed there - banana, hevea, Caféier - who have experienced a dissemination around the world by accompanying human flows as during great discoveries. There are also medicinal species that often have an intimate relationship with divinatory practices such as sage.Benoît Billotte talks about our relationship to territory and its flora, A botanical and subjective observation which invites to mental and imaginary wandering and tells a little of our human essence.

Day 1
Friday 08 September 2023
Vernissage le 8 septembre à 18h
L'exposition est à voir jusqu'au 30 septembre, les jeudi et vendredi de 14h à 18h, les samedi de 11h à 16h ou s/ rdv à tout autre moment
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Salvadore Odile

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    Exhibitions Arts Cultures
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    Friday 08 Sep 2023 à 18:00
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    Saturday 30 Sep 2023 à 16:00
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    ODILE, Rue du Lac, 14, 1800, Vevey, Suisse
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    Galerie ODILE
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Exhibitions Arts Cultures-Benoît Billotte / Essenza Exhibitions Arts Cultures-Benoît Billotte / Essenza