Exhibitions Arts Cultures-© France Dépraz
Exhibitions Arts Cultures-© France Dépraz

After oil painting and drawing through various techniques such as charcoal, pastels and acrylic, The Swiss artistFrance Depraz (1972) has been using the feather pen for four years on paper.

She draws, scraper, pumn, thus creating repentants sometimes visible, emergence of figures or objects and transparencies, constants in his work. The latter symbolize the permeability between the universes, Between the interior and the exterior, bodies and objects.

Its drawing materializes as an engraving without intermediate plate, Just like the choice of black and white, which inscribes his work in a timeless space both in what he is as in the plastic proposition.

Built around a form of personal mythology whose vocabulary evolves over time, The drawings of France Depraz tackle the agricultural landscape, with its furrows, his harvested fields which have become his frame, Because it is the perpetual link between men and domesticated nature, the place of all the issues.

His characters are representations of ideas, posture, of roles. Places, The objects are doubles of these, Like scraps of memory.

Each element is only a face of a die that it replayed with each image ...It is up to everyone to blow their own part there.

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Salvadore Odile

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    Exhibitions Arts Cultures
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    Saturday 10 Jun 2023 à 11:00
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    Saturday 01 Jul 2023 à 16:00
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    ODILE, Rue du Lac, 14, 1800, Vevey, Suisse
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    Galerie ODILE
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